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US vs. Ramos & Compean Case


Announcement on Attempts to Pardon Ramos & Compean

*Last Updated on May 3, 2017. We oppose any Presidential Pardon by current POTUS Donald J. Trump, and/or any future president. The facts are as follows: due to facts about the case, neither former USBP Agents Ramos or Compean disclosed prior to our accepting and pushing the case, as Friends of the Border Patrol, we understood the case in one way. It was in 2007 well after both reported to federal custody and prison that we learned far more facts then were ever previously disclosed that would've resulted in our completely changing how we presented the case, and we never would have represented either agent or their families.

On January 19, 2009 Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean prison sentences were commuted by President George W. Bush. They have long since completed their supervised release with provisions, which lasted for three years. As for their case appeals, their appellate counsels writs of certiorari were denied by the U.S. Supreme Court. All previous case appeals were denied by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. Their appellate counsels filed requests for rehearing by the court and en banc, which means a request with all judges of the 5th Circuit Court, which were also denied. Given the longstanding levels of corruption in our government and the fact, as we have experienced firsthand on numerous cases, the courts are ignoring the rule of law concerning facts, fair and speedy trials, evidence, abuse on the part of U.S. Attorney Offices and DOJ, as well as going so far as to ignore US Supreme Court Rulings and thus precedence. Though we believe in counsels, the courts are an entirely different matter based on rulings by courts of all levels of the U.S. Judicial Branch. That is how the U.S. Congress has failed in its Constitutional mandated duty as part of checks and balances to hold the Executive and Judicial Branches accountable.

We call on the National Border Patrol Council to also oppose any pardon for Ramos and Compean and release their facts as to the case, meaning the issues both the union and FOBP were placed under during the process of hiring appellate counsels. As many of their top leaders may recall, and if the late Exec VP Rich Pierce would attest to if he were alive today, both organizations were besmirched by individuals who were less than truthful throughout the entire process, from the actual incident to the department's internal investigation, DOJ investigation, district court trial, to my own personal investigation, and the national's subsequent investigation, from the date of incident 2005 through today.

Answers due to questions we've received regarding Ramos/Compean case & Investigation

*Updated on January 19, 2009: FOBP supported a commutation of sentence for Ramos and Compean by the President, which is well known and established. President George W. Bush commuted their sentences on January 19, 2009, two years and two days after the two former agents surrendered to the U.S. Marshals Service to begin serving their prison sentences. This would not have been possible without the support of people across America.

Our chairman, Andy Ramirez, was the first figure to investigate their case and sacrificed countless hours working solely on their case, while other officers continued to wait patiently. It must be acknowledged that everyone that Mr. Ramirez consulted with suggested he not touch this case let alone investigate it, which he ignored because gut instinct said something was not right. Sara Carter then of the Daily Bulletin wrote an article after a request from me to investigate their case in August 2006. TJ Bonner and the agent union then finally began to assist at Ramirez' request. From that point - August 2006, between our independent investigation, which had gone on for several months, and the extensive media coverage, the story of this case was exposed to people all across America who have been generous with donations, spent hours attending rallies, calling and faxing support to Congress and the White House, and provided countless prayers..

It must be noted that FOBP ceased accepting money on behalf of Ramos in September 2006, and Compean in 2008. Donations were always forwarded to the families, and fees paid directly to the appeals attorneys. These facts are indisputable and contrary to the slanderous and malicious allegations that was posted on Ramos' official website, until they learned of the commutation. FOBP ceased providing and operating the website for Agent Compean due to the mutual agreement to terminate the contract, which was agreed to in early 2008. Again, this did allow FOBP to finally be able to assist a number of other officers and investigate their cases, many of whom have been generally ignored by the national media, unlike Ramos/Compean. For the record, many of these cases were even more aggregious than this one.

LEOAC is the best source of information about the case of the U.S. Government vs USBP Agents Ramos & Compean. This case violates several sacred tenets of the Constitution in that the non-existant rights (US vs Verdugo-Urquidez - 1990) of doper, Osvaldo Alderete Davila were more important than enforcement the crimes committed by the doper. It is provided for historical and educational purposes so you can learn how America's Departments of Justice & Homeland Security Operate, as well as our Judicial Branch. We investigated this case independently, and stand by our statements made on this case, which raise many questions that Congress and the media have failed to ask all involved. In order to reach the conclusions we have, you have to look at it from every point of view, prosecutor, defense, and independent observer.

*Note: FOBP first raised the issue of US vs Verdugo-Urquidez with Congress and the Executive Branch while assisting both Ramos and Compean in Sept. 2006.

Ramos & Compean Court Transcripts

All trial transcripts released by the Department of Justice in the Ramos & Compean matter are available below.  The DOJ has, for some unknown and unstated reason, withheld portions of the trial transcript. 

Ramos/Compean Appeals to 5th Circuit Court, & Responses, & Amicus Briefs

All Ramos/Compean Case Appeal Materials are available below.  Some materials remain sealed to this day from the original trial.  These files are available in Adobe Acrobat format.


Click HERE to read the Compean Appeal

Click HERE to read the Ramos Appeal

Click HERE to read Johnny Sutton's Office Response to the Ramos/Compean Appeals

Click HERE to read the Compean Response to the Sutton Response to the Appeal

Click HERE to read the Ramos Response to the Sutton Response to the Appeal

Click HERE to read the Congressional Amicus Brief assisting the Ramos/Compean Appeal

Click HERE to read the Amicus Brief filed by WLF on behalf of Ramos/Compean Appeal

Ramos/Compean Lose Appeal/10 Year 924c Gun Charge Upheld by Appellate Court.

Click HERE to read the 5th Circuit Appeal decision in the case of US vs. Ramos/Compean

Ramos/Compean Appeals to the 5th Circuit, En Banc

Click HERE to read the 5th Circuit Appeal denial for hearing R/C case en banc

Click HERE to read the Compean appeal of the July 28, 2008 original appeal decision

Click HERE to read the Compean request for rehearing to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals (en banc)

Click HERE to read the Ramos request for rehearing to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals (en banc)


The Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing

Click HERE to watch the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing - Senator Dianne Feinstein, Acting Chairman - July 17, 2007


The House Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing

Click HERE to watch the House Hearing; Rep. Bill Delahunt, Subcommittee Chairman - July 31, 2007

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