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UPDATE: LEOAC is in the process of being retired as an organization, our website will be archived for historical purposes via our founder's personal website, To read the official statement click HERE

UPDATE: We Oppose Any Presidential Pardon of Former USBP Agents Ramos and Compean - For More Details Click HERE to Review Their Case

LEOAC Opposed Obama Nomination of James Comey & Exhibits

LEOAC has released our statement of opposition on the Nomination by the White House of James Comey former Deputy Attorney General of the United States whose confirmation was rammed through the U.S. Senate with a vote of 99-1. The sole "NAY" was Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.

Click HERE to read our Letter of Opposition to the Confirmation of James Comey as FBI Director.

Click HERE to read Exhibit A
Click HERE to read Exhibit B
Click HERE to read Exhibit C
Click HERE to read Exhibit D

News: Letter to Senator Cruz Against S-744 U.S. Immigration Capitulation Act of 2013 aka Shamnesty. Click HERE to Read

News: Coalition Against S-744 Letter re: Senate Amnesty. Click HERE to read

News: Andy Ramirez Report on US Senate Shamnesty. Click HERE to watch

Welcome to the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council and our website.  LEOAC was founded in 2008 with the primary objective of educating the public concerning duties, responsibilities, and effectiveness of federal law enforcement officers and operations in national security.  We also advocate for our officers defending America today.

It was through your generous contributions that LEOAC was able to provide technical, financial, and legal support of law enforcement agents/officers and unlike donations made to many unions or groups, donations to LEOAC were 100% tax deductible due to the 501c3 tax-exempt status as approved by the IRS. We provided support to law enforcement officers engaged in their duties regardless of agency or union affiliation.

Below, you can learn about our mission, programs and activities, organizational goals, and how we served as law enforcement advocates. We didn't advocate other issues that had nothing to do with national/border security and then ask you for a donation by bandwagoning on a single issue where security or agents are occasionally mentioned. Also, we never asked you to donate to us because we offered fax forms/report cards, or an occasional media focused lobby event. We specialized in assisting law enforcement whistleblowers fighting trumped up charges by incompetent managers to discredit officers exposing security compromises. We exposed internal government corruption, and directly spoke on behalf of the agents, deputies, officers, and troopers defending America.

We were partly forced to retired LEOAC because without your generous contributions, we could no longer operate and assist America's officers, or expose security compromises. America's officers needed to do their jobs without obstruction or intimidation from the Johnny Sutton's of the world. Agents cannot do their jobs or blow the whistle without independent public advocates who are not employed by the same agency. We never had a labor pool of employees paying dues that would have maintained our efforts. As a result, we were unable to continue our work. We think you'll agree, LEOAC worked and filled a need no one else does, to the benefit of law enforcement and our communities.

LEOAC's Mission


LEOAC was a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of law enforcement officers at all levels of government throughout the country.

LEOAC served the law enforcement community in many ways, working with legislative and administrative bodies from the State House to the White House, advocating where possible and litigating where necessary:

  • We advised those who write the laws about ways to improve them for the safety and efficiency not only of those who enforce them, but also impact the general public,

  • We defended law enforcement officers who are wrongfully disciplined or prosecuted, conducting independent investigations and exposing misconduct, whether managerial or prosecutorial, through the media,

  • We educated the public as to the duties and responsibilities of law enforcement agencies and officers, and the importance of public cooperation with them in the performance of their duties,

  • We could not provide the public specific operational details that could compromise law enforcement activities, including national security, though we do provide such details to legislative bodies that have oversight responsibility as well as other law enforcement agencies, and

  • We promoted cooperative interaction between law enforcement officers of various federal, state, and local departments, building mutual respect through personal contact.

  • We supported better border security & the enforcement of immigration laws at all levels of government, local, state, & federal.

    How We Utilize Your Contributions


    As officers have been told over the years, Government Attorneys have budgets providing millions of dollars, while the officers can only pay so much before losing everything, including name, possessions, reputation, and even their freedom. Here is how we used contributions to help our officers:

  • Legal Defense & Relief Fund - which can pay attorney fees and costs for investigations, depositions, court transcripts, appeals, and more, including financial relief of agent, and even families dealing with unforeseen expenses arising from questionable prosecutions, administrative terminations, and injuries suffered in the line of duty.

  • Widows & Orphans Fund - which provides financial assistance to the families of agents and officers killed in the line of duty.

  • Field Investigations - which identified, exposed, and reported internal corruption and national security compromises to the appropriate legislative oversight committees. Investigations were conducted by our experienced professionals many of whom are attorneys and retired federal agents.

  • Meetings with Agencies and Legislative Bodies - which allowed us to meet with Congress, Federal Departments, and other bodies and advised them as to the critical issues America is confronted with each day.

  • LEOAC General Fund - internal operating budget, which assisted with the day to day operational costs of an organization.

  • How LEOAC Advocated For Law Enforcement

    LEOAC was unlike other organizations law enforcement issues.   We were a multifaceted non-partisan, non-profit organization, which assisted law enforcement officers regardless of agency, or union affiliation.   We assisted "whistleblowers" in disclosing critical information; aided in providing attorneys to agents who are subjects of questionable prosecutions, or being terminated from their positions; conducted extensive information gathering and analysis, determined case merit; and spoke authoritatively on law enforcement issues.   Law enforcement officers being prosecuted or terminated, as well as their counsels who asked us to review cases, but we were never asked by government counsels outside of Congressional Committees or Members. Such cases include US vs. Chito Diaz, vs. Robert Rhodes, vs. David Sipe, vs. Ramos and Compean, among others. We supported law enforcement agencies, and strived to present both sides of a case, or issue. However, it was not always possible to present such "balance" when the government violated more laws than the officer being terminated or prosecuted as the above cases became quite noted for.

    LEOAC's officers have briefed and testified before Congressional committees, prepared position papers, and spoke publicly regarding the situation facing national security professionals.   Our organization relied, in significant part, on a network of current and former law enforcement officers as well as specialists in the area of federal labor and employee relations, and attorneys assisting their LEO clients.

    Many organizations claim to help America's officers, or investigate national security. LEOAC's board, counsels, and advisors have a proven documented record, which is confirmed by our bios. Our team was primarily made up of federal law enforcement professionals who served in agencies such as Border Patrol, Customs, DEA, ICE, and other agencies. You can directly help America's officers under siege by our own government today. It is imperative they know, "Yes, I am a friend of law enforcement!"

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